Thursday, 7 March 2013


Hello lovelies!

Just a quick blog post to say thank you! My blog has been viewed 1019 times!!! To some of you this is hardly anything but I'm so happy and so proud!

Thank you all so so so much!

Love, Jess

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Tag you're it!

The lovely Gabriella from TheLifeOfGabriella kindly tagged me in her Tumblr tag and I really enjoyed reading hers so I thought 'what the heck, I might aswell do it too'. To check Gabi's out, I have linked it above where it says TheLifeOfGabriella so feel free to click it and have a nosey at hers too! So lovely ladies, here is my Tumblr tag!:
 1. The meaning behind my URL
My blog is called JessPixie♥ because my name is Jess (well actually Jessica but NO-ONE ever calls me that) and Pixie is my nick name (this is because I used to wear hotpants on nights out, like Pixie Lott, before they became really popular and my Grandad used to call me it because I'm little like a pixie haha). The reason for the heart on the end is because I love hearts and I have a small (about the size of a 1p coin) heart on the right side of my right wrist.
2. A picture of me
This was taken in October so the tan is not real! My real tan had faded so I had to fake it haha
3. Why I love my best friend
My best friend is called Amy and I love her because:
  • she is there for me no matter what
  • I can tell her everything and anything without her judging me
  • we have such a good time together (whether we have a dvd night or have a night out)
  • we have been friends for around 12 years
  • we love a good gossip
Obviously these aren't all the reasons, because there are too many to list, but there's just a few for you :)
4. The last time I cried and why
Honestly, I don't often cry! On the 25th February Alan (my boyfriend) and I had a huge argument and were very close to breaking up. We have been together for nearly 14 months and we have never had an argument, until this one, so it was horrible! He goes in the army in just under 4 weeks so it was a horrible time to have an argument but we are okay now haha
5. Piercings I have
I have my belly button peirced which I got done when I was either 13/14 and I have my ears pierced and these were done when I was only 1 and a half haha
6. Favourtie band
There are a few bands, singers, rappers, etc that I like but I really don't have a favourite. Busted used to be my favourite band back in the day before they broke up!
7. Biggest turn off(s)
Here's just a few:
  • Bragging about how much money they have (a show off)
  • Men who are too vain and love themselves too much
  • Men who eat loudly
  • Over confident (cockiness)
8. Biggest turn on(s)
Here's just a few:
  • Confidence
  • Tall men
  • A family man
  • Hard worker/ambitious
  • Good sense of humour
  • Supportive of you
9. Tattoos I want
I already have the tattoo I want and to be honest, I don't really want any more! Here's a really old photo of my tattoo haha
The photo is blurry and makes the heart look mishaped, honestly it's not! This is my niece's room so ignore the teddy horses haha

10. Age
I am currently 21! I am 22 this year on 3rd October and honestly, I look about 15/16 haha
11. Idea of a perfect date
Honestly, as long as me and the person who I am on a date with both have a good time, I really don't mind what we do!
12. Life goals
My life is to get my dream job as cabin crew (which I already have got and start in 3 weeks!!!), get married and have children. I know everyone says this but this to be would be my perfect little happy life :)
13. Piercings I want
I do not want any more thank you haha
14. Relationship status
In a relationship with Alan. We started going out on 9th January 2012
15. Favourite movie/film
There are hundreds of films that I absolutely LOVE but my FAVOURITE has to be Titanic, it's a classic!
16. A fact about my life
Every night I look up in the sky and think of my grandad who passed away nearly 2 years ago. When I am cabin crew it means I will be in the sky alot so then I am closer to him
17. Phobia
Clowns. Who ever invented them needs to sort themself out haha
18. Middle name
Frances. I never use it because I,personally, am not keen on it
So thank you Gabi for tagging me in this and I tag you all to do it!
Love, Jess

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A little Yankee candle haul ♥

Hello hello hello :)

If you're like me (and most of the females in the world), you can't beat a good smelling candle and when it comes to candles, Yankee is literally the most popular brand worldwide. Yankee candles smell absolutely amazing, some smell good enough to eat! Although I wouldn't recommend trying that haha. What I like about Yankee candles, apart from all the different scents, is that they come in so many different forms and sizes. For example they have the small/medium/large jars, tea lights and a fair few more varieties. There's something for everyone!

In Nottingham (UK - which is where I live), there aren't many places in the town centre where you can buy Yankee candles. The only two places I have found are House Of Fraser and Clinton Cards and I refuse to purchase Yankee candles from these places simply because they cost so much. It's literally like £10 for the small jars which, to me, is crazy!

So in light of this, I turned to my shopping best friend. Who is this I hear you ask? It's name is Ebay and it is the bargain central! I wanted to try 3 certain scents in the small jars (just incase I wasn't too keen on them) and then if I really liked them then I would buy the bigger or biggest jars. The scents I wanted to try were Strawberry Buttercream, Christmas Cupcake (limited Christmas edition) and Christmas Cookie (limited Christmas edition). I bought each one from a different seller and instead of having 3 Yankee candles, I ended up with 4 because one of the sellers accidently sent me the Camomile Tea scent instead of the one I ordered but then sent the original one and said I could keep the accidental one - yey!

Heres a photo of them all:

Now I'm not going to try and describe the scents just because I'm awful at trying to describe smells so I urge you all to go to the nearest shop that sells Yankee candles and give these scents a good sniff because they all smell YUMMY!

Which Yankee candle would you suggest I try as soon as I have used up these 4?

Love, Jess ♥

I just want to add that I am not saying that Yankee candles are the best and all other candle brands are rubbish, I would never think that! Just letting you all know haha :)

Saturday, 2 February 2013

My 21st birthday! ♥♥♥

Goooooooood evening lovely ladies!

On a previous blog post I mentioned that it was my 21st birthday last year (3rd October so remember it ;) haha) and was wondering whether to do a blog post on it as I had a small family meal and then went to London over night with my boyfriend Alan. Guess what, I've decided to do it so here it is!

There is probably going to be a lot of photos so be warned, obviously not all of them are on here because you would be here for days haha. The photos are in no particular order because when I uploaded them, it placed them all randomly :(


MY AMAZING LOUIS VUITTON HANDBAG! £650 of birthday money well spent! ♥

This was Alan haha!

 This was me haha
This "pool" rippled when it was touched as if it was real water!


Just chillin' with my family ;) haha


Tut tut cheeky Alan haha

He will be my boss one day! Virgin Atlantic cabin crew!!! (if that doesn't work out, I'll settle for Emirates cabin crew haha)

So there's a few of the many photos that were taken, hope you enjoyed!
Love, Jess ♥

Friday, 1 February 2013

A hairy blog post!

I'm not on about bodily hair, I'm talking about the hair on your head! Just wanted to clarify that haha.
Today after I finished work, I thought I would have a little wander around town to see if anything caught my little eye. At the minute there is a lot of road works going on in my city centre (Nottingham in case you were wondering) so a lot of buses have had to be temporarily moved; mine being one of them. In order to get to this temp bus stop, I have to pass TK MAXX. I never go into this shop, just because I never really think to even go in there. However today I decided to pop in and I'm very glad I did!
They had some really good items of clothing and as for the beauty things, well I am certainly impressed! They had everything from OPI to Clinique at a fraction of the usual retail price. As I was having a browse at the hair things, I noticed my two purchases of the day. They are a bit hard to not notice because they are funky shaped and one is a neon/very bright pink haha!


See what I mean by they are hard not to notice haha. I had never heard of the "Michael O'Rourke" brand before but having researched them since I got home, it seems to be quite a popular brand with all of the reviews being positive. At a bargain price of £6.99 each, it would have been rude not to buy them!

I chose this shampoo as I have dry, brittle, colour treated hair with toooooo many split ends (I don't want to cut the ends off until my hair is a little longer as it NEVER grows) and seeing as this moisturising shampoo is aimed at hair like mine, it seemed like a match made in heaven! The neck of this bottle is so cute, I've never known a shampoo to have hearts on the bottle!
Embossed hearts with a logo heart too
The original "real" retail price of this shampoo was £16 and to be honest, I would never pay that much for a shampoo! The TK MAXX price of this was £6.99 - BARGAIN!
This bottle is impossible to miss on the shelf because of it's very bright/neon pink colour, I personally love it but I understand that it's not everyones cup of tea. The reason I chose this conditioner (beside the packaging) is because it's volumising and with a normal hair thickness, a little more volume/lift/body won't hurt! This bottle has more hearts on the neck too, however it is different to the shampoo so take a look at the photo.......
YES THE HEART IS VAJAZZLED!!!  How amazing! I have never seen this on a conditioner (or shampoo) bottle before! Now, if you don't know what vajazzled/vajazzle means, seriously where have you been for the past year or so?!
The original "real" retail tail price for this was £20 which is crazy expensive, especially as the bottles aren't massive and are just normal sized. But TK MAXX did yet another great bargain at £6.99!
The results
I have only ever used these products together therefore I can't comment on how they work separately. Sorry ladies!
Impressed is not the word - these bad boys are amazing! The best result from a shampoo and a conditioner that I've ever had and here's why:
  • My hair is so soft
  • My hair is so shiney
  • It looks like I don't have any split ends! (when I can promise you that I have too many split ends haha)
  • It has that hair dresser shampoo/condtioner smell but a little sweeter and fruiter
  • My hair (inluding the dry dead ends) don't feel dry. They feel fresh like they have just had a trim
For £6.99, I will most certainly be buying both of these products again and will use them together as they really compliment each other. I really advise you ladies to nip to your nearest TK MAXX (or google to buy online) as these hair products are my hair's saviour haha. Let me know in the comments below if you have ever used them before or if you decided to give them a go - you will be impressed I'm sure of it!
Love, Jess ♥