Friday, 1 February 2013

A hairy blog post!

I'm not on about bodily hair, I'm talking about the hair on your head! Just wanted to clarify that haha.
Today after I finished work, I thought I would have a little wander around town to see if anything caught my little eye. At the minute there is a lot of road works going on in my city centre (Nottingham in case you were wondering) so a lot of buses have had to be temporarily moved; mine being one of them. In order to get to this temp bus stop, I have to pass TK MAXX. I never go into this shop, just because I never really think to even go in there. However today I decided to pop in and I'm very glad I did!
They had some really good items of clothing and as for the beauty things, well I am certainly impressed! They had everything from OPI to Clinique at a fraction of the usual retail price. As I was having a browse at the hair things, I noticed my two purchases of the day. They are a bit hard to not notice because they are funky shaped and one is a neon/very bright pink haha!


See what I mean by they are hard not to notice haha. I had never heard of the "Michael O'Rourke" brand before but having researched them since I got home, it seems to be quite a popular brand with all of the reviews being positive. At a bargain price of £6.99 each, it would have been rude not to buy them!

I chose this shampoo as I have dry, brittle, colour treated hair with toooooo many split ends (I don't want to cut the ends off until my hair is a little longer as it NEVER grows) and seeing as this moisturising shampoo is aimed at hair like mine, it seemed like a match made in heaven! The neck of this bottle is so cute, I've never known a shampoo to have hearts on the bottle!
Embossed hearts with a logo heart too
The original "real" retail price of this shampoo was £16 and to be honest, I would never pay that much for a shampoo! The TK MAXX price of this was £6.99 - BARGAIN!
This bottle is impossible to miss on the shelf because of it's very bright/neon pink colour, I personally love it but I understand that it's not everyones cup of tea. The reason I chose this conditioner (beside the packaging) is because it's volumising and with a normal hair thickness, a little more volume/lift/body won't hurt! This bottle has more hearts on the neck too, however it is different to the shampoo so take a look at the photo.......
YES THE HEART IS VAJAZZLED!!!  How amazing! I have never seen this on a conditioner (or shampoo) bottle before! Now, if you don't know what vajazzled/vajazzle means, seriously where have you been for the past year or so?!
The original "real" retail tail price for this was £20 which is crazy expensive, especially as the bottles aren't massive and are just normal sized. But TK MAXX did yet another great bargain at £6.99!
The results
I have only ever used these products together therefore I can't comment on how they work separately. Sorry ladies!
Impressed is not the word - these bad boys are amazing! The best result from a shampoo and a conditioner that I've ever had and here's why:
  • My hair is so soft
  • My hair is so shiney
  • It looks like I don't have any split ends! (when I can promise you that I have too many split ends haha)
  • It has that hair dresser shampoo/condtioner smell but a little sweeter and fruiter
  • My hair (inluding the dry dead ends) don't feel dry. They feel fresh like they have just had a trim
For £6.99, I will most certainly be buying both of these products again and will use them together as they really compliment each other. I really advise you ladies to nip to your nearest TK MAXX (or google to buy online) as these hair products are my hair's saviour haha. Let me know in the comments below if you have ever used them before or if you decided to give them a go - you will be impressed I'm sure of it!
Love, Jess ♥

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