Thursday, 7 June 2012

Pay day = Shopping day ♥

Hello lovely ladies! Sorry I haven't been blogging much lately, I've had literally no time what with working such crazy, long anti-social hours :( Anyway it was my pay day on the last working day of the month and boy, I loved seeing my bank balance at midnight! So I thought I would treat myself to a shopping trip to make up for having no social life lately haha. Here is my pay day haul but be warned, there's quite a lot of goodies in here :D

Oh btw I will leave a link to wear I got every thing from incase something took your fancy and you needed it in your life haha

Nike Blazers - a treat for my boyfriend, such a lovely girlfriend aren't I ;)
My boyf had gone on and on and on and on (you get the idea haha) about these trainers and how much he needed them in his life so me being such a great girlfriend, I surprised him with a pair (which by the way he loved and was so surprised :D) I bought these from Schuh and they retail at £67 in there, yes that is a crazy amount to pay for some trainers but I worked there for 2 years before getting my job at the airport so my old manager kindly gave me some discount so they were a little bit cheaper - THANKYOU SEVS! The hardest part was choosing the right colour! These came in blue, red and green - all three are really nice too which didn't help. My boyfriend already has red and blue Vans so I chose green to be different and he loved the colour. All in all, it went down a treat!

MAC lipstick - Lustre finish in the shade 'Lovelorn'
Just adding that these photos aren't doing this gorgeous colour any justice! I need to invest in a decent camera instead of using my Iphone haha
Why I have never come across this beautiful colour in MAC before I will never know. I've been after a barely there pink/"your lips but better" lipstick for the longest time now and I finally have found it! I was passing by my nearest MAC shop on my pay day shopping trip and thought it would be rude to go inside! I was looking at all the lipsticks and whilst picking up a shade to swatch, my hand swished across this shade and drew a huge line. I saw it and thought "Jess you're so clumsy, wait, I love this colour" It was love at first sight! With my bank balance £13.50 lighter, I continued with my shopping trip. I have really dry lips and have found that this lipstick is  moisturisng without looking disgusting (sometimes lipstick on dry lips just isn't a good look) and stays on for quite a while. A win win situation here! If I just want casual/nudey pinky lips or I can't decide on what lipstick to go for, this is now my new go for colour and it will suit so many different skin tones, love it!

Revlon lip butter - in the shade 'Strawberry Shortcake'
Please excuse my chipped red polish in some of the photos and again, these pictures are not doing the colour any justice :(
There has been so much hype on blogs and YouTube about this product and it was actually Louise (Sprinkle Of Glitter - you surely all know who I mean) that made me want to buy this. These lip butters have been in the UK for a while now but have only just made an appearence in my local Boots and Superdrug. I bought mine for £5.99 in Boots as there was an offer on (I think they are usually £7.99 or £8.99). Only after I bought this I saw that Superdrug had a 3for2 offer on so I'm going to stock up on colours on my next day off (which is tomorrow - yey!) I know my next colour to purchase will be 'Sweet Tart', another gorgeous pink colour. This shade again is a barely there pink colour so is really wearable and will suit most skin tones. I had read that these lip butters were moisturising but I never thought they would be this good! Its great knowing your lips are being nourished whilst adding colour to them, they are much more pigmented than I thought too. I'm definitely going to be buying some more of these and I suggest you ladies do too becuase they're like a lip balm and lipstick all rolled into one - two products in one haha.

A swatch of the MAC lipstick (underneath) and Revlon lip butter (on top) together

Deodrant, hairspray and baby wipes

Really boring yet necessity buys from Boots. I bought some deodrant becuase I was running really low and they has £1 off a few deodrants so this one only came up to 87p. Bargain or what and at 87p, you can't go wrong! It was my best friend's 20th birthday this week and us ladies are going on a night out on Saturday so I needed to stock up on hairspray as I'm going to be wearing my extensions and having it all curly. I've found that this is the only hairspray that keeps both my natural hair and extensions curly ALL night, it's that good that they're both still curly in the morning even after I've been asleep. This hairspray is only £3.50 and the bottle is HUGE, good value for money I'd say. Now I know I'm going to get grief from you beauty ladies out there for saying this but yes - I do not use make up remover to take off my make up, I use baby wipes! The reason for this is that I have really sensitve skin on my face and have found that baby wipes are the kindest thing for my face without bringing my face out in a rash. It works just as well (for me anyway) as make up remover so I don't see the problem there really :) These were also on offer for £1 each so I bought two packets. It wasn't until I got home that I noticed this in the corner:
Yes it's a baby's bottom! Not going to lie, it did make me giggle for a good 5/10 minutes haha.

Model's Own nail polish - in the colour 'Indian Ocean'
This nail polish is sparkley and is a duo-chrome so it was really hard trying to capture the beauty of this polish but I hope this photos give you a general idea :)
Yet another purchase from Boots! The majority of my nail polishes are pink because, quite frankly, it is my favourite colour. In the Boots store that I was in, has a small Model's Own station (its not a stall or really a stand so I shall call it station - you ladies know what I'm on about, well heopfully anyway haha) and I just thought I would have a nosey. That was when I came across this gorgeous duo-chrome sparkley nail polish. Just like tha MAC lipstick, it was love at first sight and it was the last one! It's a blue toned colour with pink and very faint gold shimmer and sparkle when the light hits it. Perfect for summer and maybe even winter, what ever floats your boat really! Usually nail polishes last between 3-4 days on me and by the 4th day I have to take it off because the chips are so bad, there's hardly any polish left on the nail. This polish is different. I wore it and it only began to chip after the 5th and 6th day! Yes that're right ladies, one chip on the 5th day (baring in mind I had no top caot on, just a base coat and then two coats of the nail polish itself). After a whole week of wearing it, there were still hardlyt any chips but I decided to take it off to apply a fresh coat ready for Saturday night. The best staying power of a nail varnish I have ever come across in my whole 20 years of being on this earth! Model's Own retail this £5 and worth every single last penny! 

Coral, black and gold glitter clutch bag from USC by the brand 'Foirelli London'

The front
The back
The inside
As I've mentioned, I'm going out on saturday night for my best friends birthday. I had my dress and shoes already sorted, I just needed a bag to match. Alas, I found the perfect one in the last shop I went in of the day, fate I tell you! It matches the shoes perfectly so I was chuffed to bits, not only that the shop (USC) also had 20% off everything at the time so I got it for £20 instead of it's original retail price of £25. Beautiful isn't it?! Not only that, the inside is split into three with a zipped compartment in the middle, very handy for ID or money. Now for some reason I couldn't find this bag on the USC website so you ladies will just have to keep an eye out for it, I've linked the USC website for you anyway, good luck :)

Neon pink bow flip flops from USC by the brand 'Dizzy'
How summery and girlie are these?! Neon pink looks great with a tan and will match my neon pink nail polish (blogpost I did on this is here: The bows on the front are really pretty and they make these flip flops a little bit more unique than ordinary flip flops. These were bought from the same shop as the clutch bag above so they also had the 20%, which meant I paid £12 for them rather than £15. Yet another bargain may I add! What I like about these flip flops is that I can wear them year and year knowing that they won't go out of fashion. I'm just hoping the neon pink colour won't fade quickly in the sun, only time will tell ey :)

Brown/tan sandals
At the moment, New Look are having an offer which is 25% off swimwear and summer footwear. Seeing as I was on the hunt for some new summer footwear, I decided to have a little wander round. There sandals and flip flops in nearly every colour you can imagine but because I have just bought a really bright colourful pair, I thought I would go for some brown or tan ones. I saw these in the 'wide feet' section and thought that they didn't look very wide and tried them on. My feet are normal to narrow and these fit perfect so I have no idea how they are supposed to fit those with wide feet. I think it was fate because in this style there was only a UK7 and my size (UK4) left, so I snatched it up. These sandals will go with anything and again can be worn year after year without going out of fashion. The original price of these were around £17.99 and I'm sure I paid around £11.99. There are so many nice styles in at the moment, I may have to treat myself to some more while this offer is on! Again I can't find these on the New Look website so here's the link to the website for you ladies to keep an eye out on: 

PHEW all done, told you it was alot! I hope you lovely ladies enjoyed it non-the-less :) Anything take your fancy at all? Let me know in the comments :D

Love, Jess ♥


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    1. Glad you do because I do too, it's beautiful :D x

  2. You've got some great buys, WOW bet that put a smile on your boyfriends face. Love that clutch too, thats prob my favourite. Great post, xxx

    1. I love the clutch too, nearly screamed with excitement in the shop when I saw it haha. Thankyou lovely :) xxx

  3. Love the mac lipstick, the gold bag is stunning!

    lovely post!

    hope you give my blog a peak

    Gem x

    1. Ive worn this MAC lipstick nearly everyday, gonna have to end up buying a new one soon!

      I love your blog! Definitely going to be one of my favourite blogs :D


  4. I love the lip butters, definitely me favourite lip product at the moment! Love the post :) x

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    1. Me too, hats off to the brain box who invented them haha. Loving your blog btw :) x