Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A little Yankee candle haul ♥

Hello hello hello :)

If you're like me (and most of the females in the world), you can't beat a good smelling candle and when it comes to candles, Yankee is literally the most popular brand worldwide. Yankee candles smell absolutely amazing, some smell good enough to eat! Although I wouldn't recommend trying that haha. What I like about Yankee candles, apart from all the different scents, is that they come in so many different forms and sizes. For example they have the small/medium/large jars, tea lights and a fair few more varieties. There's something for everyone!

In Nottingham (UK - which is where I live), there aren't many places in the town centre where you can buy Yankee candles. The only two places I have found are House Of Fraser and Clinton Cards and I refuse to purchase Yankee candles from these places simply because they cost so much. It's literally like £10 for the small jars which, to me, is crazy!

So in light of this, I turned to my shopping best friend. Who is this I hear you ask? It's name is Ebay and it is the bargain central! I wanted to try 3 certain scents in the small jars (just incase I wasn't too keen on them) and then if I really liked them then I would buy the bigger or biggest jars. The scents I wanted to try were Strawberry Buttercream, Christmas Cupcake (limited Christmas edition) and Christmas Cookie (limited Christmas edition). I bought each one from a different seller and instead of having 3 Yankee candles, I ended up with 4 because one of the sellers accidently sent me the Camomile Tea scent instead of the one I ordered but then sent the original one and said I could keep the accidental one - yey!

Heres a photo of them all:

Now I'm not going to try and describe the scents just because I'm awful at trying to describe smells so I urge you all to go to the nearest shop that sells Yankee candles and give these scents a good sniff because they all smell YUMMY!

Which Yankee candle would you suggest I try as soon as I have used up these 4?

Love, Jess ♥

I just want to add that I am not saying that Yankee candles are the best and all other candle brands are rubbish, I would never think that! Just letting you all know haha :)


  1. i can really relate to you here, nottingham is rubbish for yankee candles! i used to go into clintons, but yeah, they're so overpriced!
    which scent do you like the most out of these? x

    1. I'm so glad someone else feels the same about Nottingham's lack of Yankee candles haha! Only trouble with getting them online is that you can't give them a good sniff first lol!
      I love the Christmas cookie and cupcake ones simply because it smells like I've just been baking! I wish the strawberry buttercream was more strawberry smelling though, I find it to be more vanilla smelling than anything! Think a strawberry or a fruity one is next on the list haha! Which scent is your favourite?
      Just going to have a nosey and a follow of your blog haha xxx