Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Hello stranger!

As you know, I'm a newbie to this whole blogging business and I realise that you guys know nothing what-so-ever about me and vice versa! So here's a little slice of my life which will hopefully give you an insight to the kind of little lady that I am. I'd love to hear back from you beautiful people and get to know you too so please feel free to comment back answering the questions about yourself. Start as we mean to go on ey :)
Love, Jess ♥

Name - Jessica

Nickname(s) - Jess, Pixie, Jessie Bessie (only my Mum and Grandma call me that thanfully), woman (only the boyfriend calls me that haha), Queen (another from the boyfriend) and I think that's about it for the main ones

Date of birth - 03/10/1991

Age - 20 (at the moment)

Zodiac sign - Libra (the one with the scales)

Nationality - Mainly English with abit of Italian (mama mia!)

Height - A massive 5ft1!

Hair colour - Dark brunette

Eye colour - Brown with a bit of hazel

Skin colour - Light olive/normal

Skin type - Maostly normal apart from my arms which are very dry and my face which is dry and sensitive

Tattoos - Small heart on the right side of my right wrist. It's tiny haha

Piercings - Ears and belly button

Scars - I don't have one big one with a really cool story behind it but I have quite a few small random ones that each have their own little tale about how it got there

Clothes size - UK 4 or 6 on my top half and a UK 6 or 25 waist and 29 leg on my bottom half. I find it practically impossible to find clothes to fit properly, I'd do anything to be a size 8-10 but I don't seem to gain weight! Damn :(

Shoe size - UK 4/37

Relationship status - In a relationship

Job - I have recently left my job at a shoe shop to become a passenger service agent (working on the check in desks) at the airport. One step closer to my dream job as an air hostess/cabin crew!

Lefty or righty - Righty

Pets - A pony called LuLu and a dog called Max. Before you even think it, I am not a spoilt little rich princess with a pony and a massive house, that's far from reality lol

Favourite colour - Pink

Favourite food - Boneless banquet from KFC; heaven!

Favourite hot/cold/alcoholic drink - Cup of tea with 3 sugars/ice tea, fanta or cherry tango/pint of Strongbow with blackcurrant (Strongbow and black)


  1. cant wait to see all your up coming post, love reading whaqt new bloggers have to say enjoyied reading your about me post

    Over on my blog I am having a Mac lipstick and eyeshadow give away :o)win a Mac lippy and eyeshadow in the colour of your choice. I would love for you to enter


  2. I just love reading other people's blogs so hopefully people will enjoy reading mine too :) ohhh that sounds great, I'll take a look now :D x

  3. Loved reading this Jess! You sound like such a lovely, pretty girl :) I hope you don't mind but I stole a few of these questions for my own 'Get to know me' thingy! I put a link to your blog on it at the top though :)

  4. Awww thankyou! You sound like such a pretty little lady too! Course I don't mind, it's all love :D I'm gonna have a read and be nosey on it now hehe <3